Email Help

Nicholls Gmail Mobile Setup Instructions


1. iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  1. Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts, then tap Add Account.
  2. Tap Google.
  3. Enter your email address and password.
    1. You must enter your full email address.
      Examples:– Faculty/Staff:
      – Students:
  4. Tap Next and wait for Mail to verify your account.
  5. Choose information from your email account, like Contacts or Calendars, that you want to see on your device.
  6. Tap Save.

2. Android

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open Gmail Gmail.
  2. In the top right, tap your profile picture.
  3. Tap Add another account.
  4. Choose the type of account you want to add.
  5. Follow the steps on the screen to add your account.
    1. You must enter your full email address. Example: or

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