Faculty Faqs

How do I handle my class when the university closes under extreme conditions?

During extreme weather or other emergency situations, the President of the university may declare either Closure Status or Remote Learning Status for a period of one or more days.  During these times, students and faculty are responsible for reading and remaining familiar with (1) official emergency notifications through the Nicholls website and (2) all emergency guidelines of the university.

When the university is officially closed, all teaching operations are suspended. During these days, there will be neither classroom nor online teaching, no expectation of class participation, no assignments due, and no tests or quizzes administered.

When the university is open but it is unsafe to travel to or work on campus, students and faculty are responsible for continued learning through remote (online) means.  During these days, teaching will occur and class participation is expected. Assignments, tests, and quizzes will be administered as planned unless otherwise directed by the faculty instructor.

Under this status, for learning to continue:

  • Students must (1) maintain access to Moodle, Nicholls email, phone, and textbooks and other course materials and (2) remain in contact with their course instructors.
  • Faculty will (1) conduct teaching through online means, (2) ensure opportunities for student progress and completion, and (3) adjust course requirements as necessary to accommodate special courses like labs, studios, and clinicals.

How do I switch my face-to-face and HyFlex classses during Virtual Campus?

Be sure to check out resources available in Moodle and CAFE to continue teaching your face to face and hyflex courses fully online for the next few days.

What if I lose electricity?

The university recognizes that electrical outages and evacuations could impact virtual learning. Please try to contact your supervisor/students if you lose power.


What do I do if I need something from my office?

Faculty are encouraged to retrieve any equipment necessary for remote delivery. Staff should remain on standby for instructions on returning to campus.

Where can I find the hurricane plan?

Administration initiated the alert in accordance with the university’s Hurricane Emergency Plan, posted at nicholls.edu/hurricane. A Phase III alert is issued when storms in the Gulf of Mexico are projected to make landfall around South Louisiana and the NWS places south Louisiana under a Hurricane warning. The University Emergency Preparedness Committee will now track path, speed and projected storm surge of the storms and initiate any further changes.  All Nicholls departments will refer to the Hurricane Emergency Plan and begin enacting internal Phase III storm preparations at this time. The community will be notified if Phase IV storm preparations are implemented.


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