Setting up at home


  1. Find the Best Location
  2. Add Privacy
  3. Consider Who Else Uses the Space
  4. Invest in Yourself
  5. Prioritize Comfort
  6. Support Your Neck and Eyes
  7. Get the Right Desk
  8. Stash It Away
  9. Protect Sensitive or Important Documents
  10. Think Up and Down
  11. Tame the Wires
  12. Light It Up



  • Set alarms to stand up and stretch
  • Walking meetings
  • Sit on an exercise ball
  • Subtle stretches at your desk (like shoulder raises, neck stretches, leg raises
  • Exercise during your lunch break!
  • Take your dog for a walk. 
  • Set alarms to stand up and stretch

The Recreation Center & Les Mills has made available to you 95 free workouts from Les Mills that you can do from home. Just click the line provided and look through the categories provided. 


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Dear friends and yogis, We miss you and hope you’ve all been well. We love seeing so many of you in our online classes and feel truly grateful for your continued support and willingness to adapt to virtual environments during this time. We’re approaching the phase of returning to businesses where many of you are asking if 409 will soon be open to public classes. We’ve considered many possibilities but ultimately we want to make sure that we keep everyone as safe as possible and stay as true to our practices as we can. At this time, all virtual classes will stay on the schedule with the potential to add more classes very soon. There is the possibility for a few classes to return to the studio with limited access in the coming weeks. Currently, with the social distancing requirements, we could safely fit about 4 to 5 people in studio with about 6-feet of distance between yoga mats. Each participant would be required to bring their own mat. Additionally, everyone would be asked to wait outside before class starts and wash their hands upon entering the building. The current standards would require us all to wear masks while teaching and practicing. We know that this will hinder your ability to fully connect to your breath but it would be our only option at this time. After class, we would provide cleaner to clean your mat and surrounding space. So, we want to hear from you... are you happy to continue with classes virtually or are you eager to physically return to the studio? What can we do during the transition to provide the services you enjoy while keeping you and the 409 community safe? Best & Namaste, Andie & Sarah

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